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MS006 COM / Test bench for 12V alternators under 50A /////

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užsisakius stendą MS006 COM dovanų gaunate testerį MS015


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The test bench is intended to diagnose 12-volt automotive alternators in assembly with a voltage regulator in idle mode and under load at maximum rotation speed of 3000 rpm. The construction of the test bench is simple, it has small dimensions, precise in measurements, has an option of printing test results. The equipment tests voltage regulators with COM, P-D, DFM, D, RLO, C, SIG, F / 67.7 connection terminals and pocesses drive speed and load current smooth adjustment with a maximum value of 50A.


  • tests 12V alternators under load 50A
  • has software update opportunity
  • supports all existing protocols
  • has report printing option
  • has safe unit fixing mechanism
  • ensures quick testing and easy operation


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