12 V automobilinių generatorių bandymo adapteris * / MS015 COM


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Dimensions (L×W×H), mm


Weight, kg


Supply voltage, V

from 10 V to 18 V

Connection terminals

«COM» («LIN», «BSS»), «SIG», «RLO», RVC» «C KOR.», «P-D», «C JAP.».

Nominal voltage of tested alternators, V




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399,00 €

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The MS015 COM tester assesses the health of voltage regulators of the following types: COM (LIN, BSS), SIG, RLO, RVC, C KOR., C JAP., P-D, with rated voltage of 12V, without dismounting the voltage regulator from the car. The tester is equipped with a simple oscilloscope, which makes it possible to evaluate the overall technical condition of the alternator.  It is also possible to check the alternator performance on the test bench that provides its drive.


  •          Opportunity to test the alternator in assembly with the car;
  •          Compactsize;
  •          Comfort and ease of use;
  •          Power supply of the device from the alternator;
  •          Identification of voltage regulator ID and detection of errors in voltage regulators with COM terminal;
  •          Color indication for detection of faults
  •          Support for software up-to-dateness by updating firmware of the device

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