Vairo kolonėlių testeris su apkrova * / MS521


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Weight, kg


Dimensions, (L×W×H), mm


Air power pressure, bar




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The mechanism is used for diagnostics of steering racks under pressure. The equipment gives an opportunity to detect leak, hydraulic shock, body wear, sticking of the pressure relief valve. It is a tool of general use, designed to work with all types of vehicle steering racks.


  •          meets the latest requirements of contemporary service centers
  •          detects leak, body wear, pressure relief valve sticking
  •          suitable for all racks
  •          quick testing procedure
  •          long-lasting service
  •          safety and reliability
  •          easy operation
  •          1 year warranty

The equipment set includes:

  •          mechanism
  •          set of steering rack shaft stopper MS00110


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