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Tester for diagnostics of power steering system. The device is connected to high-pressure line to measure performance of power system elements. Testing is conducted in a car without dismounting of units.


  •          meets the latest requirements of contemporary service centers
  •          simple operation
  •          long-lasting service
  •          safety and reliability
  •          1 year warranty

The equipment set includes:

  •          tester
  •          set of fittings
  •          2 high-pressure hoses
  •          user manual

How to test power steering system?

  1.        Connect the tester to the pump and a high-pressure line, as indicated in the figure. Disconnect a high-pressure line from the pump, fix the reducing fittings in the pump and line. Then connect quick disconnect couplings to high-pressure hoses of the tester.
  2.        Start the car engine.
  3.        Test 1. Fix the switch 2 in position S (System). Measure the pressure in car hydraulic system.
  4.        Test 2. Fix the switch 2 in position P (Pump) for 5 seconds, the manometer indicates maximum pressure, generated by the pump.
  5.        Test 3. Fix the switch 2 in position S (System). Rotate the steering wheel to the left or right extreme position. Measure the pressure in car hydraulic system.
  6.        Test 4. Fix the switch 2 in position S (System). Rotate the steering wheel to extreme left and then to extreme right position. Measure the pressure in both positions.
  7.         Stop the car engine.
  8.         Disconnect the tester.


To test the hydraulic system of the power steering, you must connect the MS610 to the high pressure line. To do this, disconnect from the pump a suitable pipeline, connect the fittings to the pump and the mains, connect these fittings to the high-pressure hoses of the device. Next, you need to turn on the car's ignition and start the engine, since the HPS pump is activated by means of a belt or gear transmission from the engine's crankshaft.

Inspection of the steering system is carried out with power steering testing machine at idle speed of the engine. The rotation of the pump shaft in this mode is sufficient to obtain the required capacity of the test unit.

Further, the pressure gauge readings are taken while MSG MS610 open. The rudder is rotated from one end position to the other. In the extreme positions (hold no more than 5 seconds), the pressure in the system should be maximum and correspond to the pressure created by the pump with the device crane locked.

How to determine the wear in the central part of the hydraulic cylinder (hydroblow)?

A sharp deviation of the arrow of the manometer MS610, when turning the steered wheels from one extreme position to the other, will indicate the presence of ring wear in the middle part of the hydraulic cylinder of the steering rack.


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